Douglas Spagnola 

      I have worked over 35 years in the trades and manufacturing. At the age of 16 I worked as a carpenter for old school Norwegian Craftsmen who framed , trimmed and even built their own casework onsite. Next it was German Masons who did high end residential work of all types and commercial work. A year in an experimental Machine Shop were the beginning of my education in Metalwork and precision began. Then back out to the trades were I added plumbing and electrical skills to my arsenal.

     In the early 1990's I relocated to Long Beach, CA and worked as a Shipwright restoring classic wooden Sailboats. In 1992 I moved to Rockland County New York where I opened my 3rd Cabinetmaking Shop and in 1995 an opportunity came by a chance meeting and I launched and founded the A & D Display Company. The Company worked inn Metal, Wood, Plastic, Upholstery and Foam. Finishes were done in everything from Automotive Paint to Faux. I also became versed in commercial A/V installations. In addition I purchased a CNC Router on which I programed and cut everthing from simple parts to complex molds.

     My first client was Saks Fifth Avenue and in 2,002 my gross sales exceeded 2.2 million dollars with only six full time employees. During that period of time I became known for two qualities, I was a mad scientist who could build anything in a ridiculously short timeframe and I always made the deadlines while exceeding my client’s expectations of quality. Most of the work in the gallery was produced during this time although some dates back over 30 years. 

    In 2,008 I closed the A & D Display Company and founded Synermation. His first endeavor was exporting American Millwork to Bermuda . When the Bermudan Economy shrank I worked as the General Manger of a Scenic company, Project Manager for a large Mannequin company, Engineer Consultant for a major Retail Fixture Manufacturer and obtained a New York State Real Estate License. 

     In 2,010 I moved back to my birthplace, Oakland, NJ and a year at Ramapo College studying Computer Science. I attended the same school in the 1970's studying Psychology. I currently work as a freelance Consultant/Project Manager/Engineer for several large companies in the Tri-State Area and have created several web sites. In 2014 I moved to Tomkins Cove, NY to enjoy the peaceful lifestyle of North Rockland County.

  During this entire period of time I have devoted most of my spare hours tirelessly studying manufacturing and materials. Life is an endless classroom for me, and I love the journey .

      On the personal side I taught inner city young men renovation skills as part of the federal CETA program from 1981-1982. He worked as a volunteer woodworking instructor at a Youth Center called "The Door" in Manhattan, NY from 1982-1985.

    I have attended Landmark Education's curriculum for living and Communications classes. I have also had the pleasure of attending an Anthony Robbins weekend, "Unleash the Power Within", where he and 5,000 other people walked barefoot 12 feet on red hot coals.

    I am an avid gardener , have assisted many Wildlife Rehabilitaters and rescues compromised feral cats, with whom I reside in a placid setting on an Island in New Jersey. I am also a gourmet cook, a talent I am suppressing for the sake of my shrinking waistline.

Douglas Spagnola

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