"Synermation" means the integration of many diverse things. If you need a product produced domestically or abroad, or a design engineered and developed you've come to the right place.

I can create and fulfill a production strategy for you and can package and ship the finished products globally. I provide the Engineering and Quality Control. I work on a flat percentage so you get the best value for your money. Being a Virtual Company means I don't have to build significant overhead into your costs.

I am a master of outsourcing, product devolvement and value engineering. I have tremendous experience that can work for you. I can administrate and manage a production from design to delivery or troubleshoot a problem that's driving you nuts.

I offer CNC programming services and production consulting . Look inside and if something inspires your imagination contact me and inspire mine. I never say no to a challenge.

Quotations and initial consultations are free. Tell me your budget and if it's possible I will make it happen.

“Success is a journey...not a destination.”

Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.